Dj Surgeles (kole leijen) is a true musician with a lot of energy! He started listening to old records at the age of five and when he get a turntable as a present for his birthday he started playing old records. 
With records from Emerson Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd and many more he knows what true music is! At the age of eight, he learned from his sister what house music is and he started record tapes with many many house music. 
When he was 15 he went to a houseparty and he found out,he want to become a techno-dj! 
He started to go often to his local record dealer and starting building a huge vinyl collection.

Soon he started to make his own techno music and soon people became to like his sound, dark techno music. 
At the age of 16 he played at his first party in Amsterdam and since then it is going very well. 
In 2005 he visited Jeff Mills at Haarlem and Surgeles gave him a demo, the day after Surgeles got an mail from the one and only mister Jeff Mills. 
Jeff mills said that my music sounds great and that inspired Jeff to let Surgeles make a mix for his Purpose Maker Label. 
Two weeks later, Surgeles mix was on Jeffs Axis site for the 10th birthday of the famous record "the Bells". 
Later that year when Dave Clarke had an competition for best produced song on Amsterdam Dance Event 2005,Surgeles was winner and also choosen to be played by Dave Clarke on his famous radio show White Noise at 3FM, a Dutch radiostation. A little while later Dave Clarke spinned another track of Surgeles on housepartys and also at 3FM again!
He created a own style: dark, warm, pounding techno.

In the meantime he played at several parties and got his own style of spinning records.
In 2007 he started with some friends his own party-organisation, called ‘Civilized?’.
They found a club called Escape in Amsterdam, where they gave a few parties.
With artists like Elektrabel, Regis, Anton Pieëte, Bas Mooy, and Rumenige & Loktibrada.
Surgeles played also with artist like Dimitrib2b, Echoplex, and Steve Rachmad.
In 2009 he started his own record-label, called ‘Underground Freedom Fighters (UFF) ’ which had now 4 releases including: ‘Feel The Vibe’ and ‘Major Experiment’! 
In 2010 at Amsterdam Dance Event he met Jeff Mills and he asked Surgeles to make a compilation for his label called ‘Something In The Sky’.
Also he met up with Dave Clarke there at ADE and he played Surgeles again on the ADE White Noise Show.
Be Prepared.

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