Ever since his early childhood Sergio Karijopawiro aka Tachini
(Paramaribo, 1977) has been listening to his fathers’ classic Motown soul and funk of Otis Redding, Marving Gay, Percy Sledge, Curtis Mayfield and George Clinton. It was this musical energy that inspired him to exploite his own creative talents. After a brief hip-hop career as MC, DJ and beatcreator he joined the technocommunity in 2003 and rapidly established himself as a live-act with a triggering and energetic stage performance, blending classic funky grooves, pounding basslines and hissing hi-hats into his own unique definition of Hi-tek Funk.
By now Tachini has joined several line-ups which also included renowned artists like Octave One, Kenny Larkin, Vince Watson, Steve Bicknell, Billy Nasty, Rue East. In 2009 this resident of Eindhoven techno-organization DommelVallei acquired a residency at Club Poema (Utrecht), released his first track on Common Good and has a lot of new tracks ready to be sent into the world. Once experienced, Tachini will remain in your head for a very long time. And like all good things you will be glad it’s there.

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