Takkyu Ishino

A key figure who formed Denki Groove, together with Pierre Taki and other member musicians, back in 1989. Takkyu released his first solo-album "DOVE LOVES DUB" in 1995, and began performing as a professional DJ around the same time. His DJ craftsmanship has been widely demonstrated in the Europe since 1997, and the acclaim from European audiences indeed led him to the honor of the first Japanese who played at the Final Gathering of LOVE PARADE, the biggest dance festival in Europe, in 1998 in front of 1.5 million people. The sphere of his activity covers the various works with the overseas artists as well; the unit "TakBam" made in collaboration with the icon of German Techno, WestBam, would be a good example. Since 1999, he has been organizing the event "WIRE", which now becomes the biggest indoor techno rave in Japan gathering more than 10,000 people a year, and then, this would be another good case through which Takkyu has been actively introducing DJs and artists from other countries. In 2002, he made some remarkable works such as a remix of "ANTHEM", the official theme of 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP KOREA JAPAN written by VANGELIS, and also the music producing for the theatrical stand-up comedy "Papa Semplicita" by City Boys, a unit of 3 big-name comedians in Japan (Makoto Otake, Kitaro, Shigeru Saiki). In 2003, Takkyu has started hosting a regular party "STERNE" at the club WOMB in Shibuya, for which he serves as a resident DJ, and one of its live takes was released as a DJ MIX CD "IN THE BOX - Live at WOMB Tokyo-". Around this time, Takkyu founded an indie label, "PLATIK", too. His latest works include the albums entitled "TITLE#1" and "TITLE#2 3", released in two consecutive months in March 2004, and the international version of this album series, re-named "TITLES" with the tracks selected from the original 2 albums, has been released in Europe and Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia, etc. The 4th DJ MIX CD "A PACK TO THE FUTURE", released in December 2005, is also an item to remember among his recent works. In 2006, he formed a unit "InK" with Hiroshi Kawanabe of TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, and released the original full album "C-46" from Ki/oon Records under InK's name. The unit's second album, "InK PunK PhunK" was released in August 2007 also from Ki/oon Records.

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