For Guy Blanken, music is a matter of the heart, and a boundless playing field for sonic explorations.

His compulsive curiosity has led him to unusual corners of the electronic music realm – spawning a multifaceted, yet distinctive discography. As Makam, he has investigated anything from exhilarating club anthems to contemplative downtempo moods. And as Talismann, he is probing ever deeper into the abyss of sinister soundscapes and industrial drum patterns.

Talismann is Guy’s darker incarnation. From the moment he delivered tracks like ‘Mars Wars’ and ‘Zula’ (2012), his take-no-prisoner approach has been indisputable. Six releases down the line, Talismann Records has cemented its position as the home of intense, inky techno and ambient. Moreover, Slagmann, his collaboration with Slagwerk Den Haag, has resulted in one of the most experimental, and arguably most intriguing albums in his oeuvre. ‘Krysalis’ (2019) is a ritualistic experience, incorporating a colorful arsenal of traditional musical instruments.

When Guy hasn’t locked himself in the studio, or isn’t tending to one of his labels, he loves engaging with the dance floor during one of his tireless DJ or live sets. Finding a home at Amsterdam institutions like (the now closed down) Trouw, Dekmantel and De School has given him the opportunity and freedom to connect with fellow travelers, and continue on his fascinating musical journey.

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