Technasia is a collaboration between Amil Khan, label manager, raised and based in Hong Kong, and Charles Siegling, musician and DJ, raised and based in Paris. After meeting in Hong Kong some years back, they felt it was time to put South East Asia on the world map of electronic dance music. Technasia have built their notoriety with acclaimed tracks such as '2 The Floor', 'Descent', 'Future Mix', 'Hydra', 'Force' or 'Final Quadrant'. Technasia is also known for Charles Siegling's striking DJ sets and their rare-but-unique live performances, the only time when the unit gathers as a duo on stage. They have been exposed to a variety of electronic music and are influenced in their works by early electronic sounds from the likes of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Coil, Xymox, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode... [ 2008 ] ... Technasia and Renato Cohen team up for a limited amount of live series entitled 'Sino Live!' The duo will perform during summer 2008 at several festival, including Monegros (SP), Electromind (FR) and Wire (JP). ... A new series of live performance entitled 'Technasia Solo Live', with Charles Siegling on its own, are taking place in several clubs and festivals in 2008. ... Technasia releases their new single 'Oxide' followed by two remixes by Brazilian producer Renato Cohen. ... Technasia prepares a collaboration album with Renato Cohen, to be released in 2008. ... Two Technasia remixes for Joris Voorn's 'No Revolution' are released on Green [ 2007 ] ... Technasia remixes Theo Parrish's cult tracks 'Falling Up'. [ 2006 ] ... Technasia releases their second album 'Popsoda' in May 2006. It features collaboration with DJ Nasty, Fletch Flex, DJ Godfather, Joris Voorn, John Thomas, Renato Cohen and Dave Clarke. In order to promote the album, Technasia is going on the road again for a new Live tour from April to December 2006. ... Launch of 'Module', Subaka's label, co-managed by Technasia. [ 2005 ] ... Launch of 'Green', Joris Voorn's label, co-managed by Technasia. ... Launch of 'Ethique' and 'Static Drum', John Thomas' labels, co-managed by Technasia. [ 2004 ] ... Launch of 'The Steppin' Show', label run together by Technasia and John Thomas. The fellas also run a party of the same name every 2 months at the Rex Club in Paris. [ 2003 ] ... 'Recreations' gets released. It is a collaborative musical journey of Technasia's past renowned productions conceived alongside Claude Young, Funk D'Void, Renato Cohen, John Tejada. ... In March '03, Technasia starts a 60-date/5-month world live tour, visiting most popular clubs and festivals. ... Charles Siegling is invited to do the third volume of the renowned Brussels' Fuse Club mix CD series. It is released in October 2003. The mix shows Charles Siegling's unique ability to mix, tweak, scratch and shuffle a wide variety of music styles- from Old-Skool House to Techno and Detroit Electro. [ 2002 ] ... Technasia launches the 'Plus' mix cd series (carrying the same name as the popular events in China and Japan), with the first one being Charles' mix, recorded live at Club Orange in Beijing in April 2001 and released in February 2002. Amil Khan's 'Plus' mix CD follows in October 2002. [ 2001 ] ... Technasia releases their first classic album 'Future Mix'. It won Technasia three award trophies (Best Album, Single and Newcomer) at the 2001 Edition of Berlin's Musik and Machine Awards. The album acts as a tribute to the pioneering Chinese radio show of the same name. Presented by Charles and a local Chinese radio DJ, Michael Nee, 'The Future Mix' was broadcasted from 1998 to 2001 to the entire South East China province of Guangdong (Hong Kong, Canton, Shenzhen, Foshan...) covering a population of 60 million people. The album features excerpts and jingles from the actual radio show itself! ... Technasia tours as a Live set which takes them to leading events and clubs worldwide. Charles Siegling also starts several DJ residencies in popular electronic music clubs such as Fuse in Brussels, Rex Club in Paris and Nitsa in Barcelona. [ 1999 ] ... Launch of Sino, the first Technasia/Technorient affiliated label. It will host artists such as Joris Voorn, John Thomas, Renato Cohen, Petrae Foy, Kelli Hand, DJ Skull, Steve Rachmad... ... Launch of Star Tracks, Charles Siegling's solo label. The sound is radically DJ tools oriented. [ 1997 ] ... Technasia release their very first EP 'Themes From A Neon City'. [ 1996 ] ... Amil Khan and Charles Siegling meet in Hong Kong. Thru their common influence and taste in electronic music, they decide to start to make music together. They base their newly created music production units (Technasia and Technorient Music) in Hong Kong, in order to put South East Asia on the world map electronic dance music. [ 1974 ] ... Birth of Charles Siegling in Paris, France. [ 1972 ] ... Birth of Amil Khan in Hong Kong, China.

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