As we all know, there really is no shortage of artists in the vast field of electronic music, especially in the German capitol of Techno that is Berlin. They come and go with trends and seasons, build their hypes, and eventually vanish into the social medial void our postmodern times have created. However, there are those ones which stand out, which stay stuck in the eyes and ears of the public, which play and produce themselves in the collective memory of our community. Tham is one of those. As resident and face of underground public favourites like SYNOID, Revier Südost, and Lebendig, in just a few years the young artist has proven that he’s one to stay, to watch and to listen to. Growing up on the dance floors of Berlin – figuratively speaking – Tham’s artistic vision hails from and is always directed back to that very place which represents the crux of the matter of our entire subculture. His interpretation of Techno, his musical vision, lives on his drive to set people in motion. Pounding bass drums, complex grooves, and aggressive synth lines lashing through the crowd, taking their hypnotic effect. This is what Tham provides. Music ex machina, coming out of nowhere, binding the eyes, ears, and bodies of his audience to the floor, to the very present, sticking to their brains, billowing through their minds for hours, long after they’ve left the club.

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