Tom Ruijg

Being curious Tom dipped his toes for the first time in electronic music in 2004. Growing up in the neighborhood of Amsterdam it was just around the time when the city made it’s comeback to the international housescene that he came to play. The endless groove of housemusic was the one for him as he found himself weekend-end-on-end dancing his legs off. After quickly familiarizing himself with the ins and outs of housemusic’s do’s and don’ts, as one may get familiar with, he bought his first records in 2007.

Getting help and guidance from none other than Boris Werner, he started to master his DJ’ing and crate digging skills. From 2008 on he found that he might as well pick up producing while he was at it. Luckily for us he did.
With Boris on his side, he learned what he really liked and could do while fiddling behind his computer. Making progression in a storm, Tom has shown talent and ingenuity like no other. Although he is 22, he started going out in the early 60's and 70's in Soul, Funk & Jazz clubs. You can still hear this influence in his music today while his love for the Housegroove is clearly represented in his productions.

After remixes on labels as Area Remote and Soweso Tom Ruijg landed his first release on the BangBang! label (run by 2000andOne & Sandy Huner) in February of 2010 called Random Spoon EP. This EP gave him massive appreciation from well-respected names all around our globe.

Coming into the summer of that same year Tom got booked for the Welcome to the Future Festival. The festival with a long musical history, although pretty new, formed the stage to his Live-debut. It was on this dreary day in August that he amazed friend and faux by letting the sun shine with a banging set!

His second EP in October of 2010: I Am Somebody EP (BangBang!) again got big praise from the international housescene giving him the appeal he deserves.

It is needless to say that 2010 brought much good to this youngster and there is no end in sight. In his short but very impressive career he has already played in every leading club in Amsterdam and got the chance to take his show abroad to cities like London and Berlin.

If anything you can count on his discography growing rapidly and with both DJ and Live sets he will set dancefloors on a euphoric fire.

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