Torsten Kanzler

Torsten has been making the rounds as a professional DJ since 1997 and has been under contract with the Stereo 70 agency since 1998. Since signing on with Stereo 70 he has been responsible for organizing agency events as well as managing the musical career of fellow techno DJ Marco Remus.
With his hard and progressive Dj-set, with touches of the Detroit sound, Torsten is recognized as one of the most successful and sought after DJ's from Thuringen.
In the meantime though, there are only a few reputable German dance clubs that haven't played host to Mr. Kanzler and even fewer true Techno fans that have yet to experience one of his pulsating sets.
And as he is always able to draw the people from the shadows and out to rock the dance floor, many partygoers can testify that the change of pace in Torsten's set brings more surprises as can be expected.

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