Trentemøller (dj set)

Trigbag dissolved in 2000, and Trentemøller chose a 2-year break from the House-scene.
During summer 2003, Trentemøller returned on Naked Music with his "The Trentemøller EP" including the tracks "Le Champagne" and "Work in Progress". The EP was an international success and often heard on BBC Radio One and played by DJs such as Pete Tong, Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed and Steve Bug, who charted "Le Champagne" as one of the 10 best tracks released in 2003, listed in Groove, one of Germany’s most important music magazine.
On top, Trentemøller received the award "Up Front Release of the Year" at the Danish DJ Awards in February 2004 for the Track "Champagne".
With a string of legendary remixes on labels both obscure and renowned, together with his famous live appearances performing exquisitely tight live keys together with DJ-sets from his mate DJ T.O.M. around the world, the buzz about Anders kept going on in the global dance community. Trentemøller returned with a new and rougher sound in 2005. "Beta Boy" (on Out Of Orbit) and especially "Physical Fraction" (on Audiomatique) marked the beginning of a new period for the young Dane.
In February 2005 Steve Bug released the yet famous Trentemøller EP "Physical Fraction" on his brand new label Audiomatique. This release rapidly grew to a summer anthem of 2005 and put Trentemøller on the map of internationally successful producers to be followed by three strong releases on Steve’s main label Poker Flat: "Polar Shift (pfr56)", "Sunstroke (pfr61)" and the "Nam Nam EP".
These three releases and a 12" on Tic Tac Toe consolidated his reputation as one of the hottest newcomer and freshest producer in 2005. Many reader polls awarded him as the Best Newcomer of the year 2005, crowned by a coverstory of German Raveline magazine in January 2006..
Since early 2005 Trentemøller and his DJ partner Tom Bertelsen are on a constant world tour which continues until autumn early 2007 with an exciting and raving live-show.
Trentemøller loves to create antipodes in his music and so the contrast between large and vast echo chambers and sharp, direct in-your-face sound bits are characteristic of his sound. Coupled with outstanding production skills, he creates fascinating song structures. Thanks to Trentemøller’s unique sound he has also been a much demanded remixer. Highlights have been his remixes for Martinez ("Shadowboxing"), Sharon Philips ("Want 2 Need 2"), Röyksopp ("What Else Is There"), The Knife ("We Share Our Mother’s Health"), Moby ("Go"), Yoshimoto ("Du What You Du"), Matthias Schaffhäuser ("Coincidance") and many more. Thanks to the special "Trentemøller twist" most of the remixes became huge hits in clubland.
Since summer 2005 Anders had been working on his debut album "The Last Resort" which was released on Poker Flat in October 2006. This brilliant work reveals another yet undiscovered side of the highly talented musician. Other than his banging dancefloor singles the album is a beautifully crafted, astonishing masterpiece, that will leave you breathless. The 13 instrumental tracks together form a wordless musical story, almost like the soundtrack of a movie. It manages to capture a whole range of emotions in subtle melodic miniatures, dreamy ambiences, dusty beats, deep dub-tracks and driving groove-excursions. An ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours and moods, „The Last Resort" without a doubt contains Trentemøller’s best work to date and became a huge hit.
Trentemoller is not only a dance floor genius, but a musical mastermind in the broader sense. Killer release! (DJ Times)
The Last Resort" is such a great atmospheric, almost unreal album. It‘s the perfect dream with its mixture of Dub-Tech, Shoegazing-Ambient and clicking soundscape. (Groove)
Genious and visionary! (Intro)
I can‘t think of any other producer who so deftly fuses minimal techno, big-room house, and the itchy-scratchy fidgeting of IDM without sounding tokenistic. This is sultry, sexy music. (Pitchforkmedia)
This is an seductive album full of moody and mysterious music. (New York Times)
„The Last Resort" gathered a big haul in many many reader polls and scored the #1 album of the year in many magazines such as Groove, De:Bug (Germany), Trax (France), Trax (Spain), Big Shot (USA), Freeze (Greece) - plus #1 at the German Dance Music Awards plus high positions in mags like MixMag, M8, Musikexpress, Metro Times, Raveline, Intro as well as BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix of the Year.
Trentemøller won the Danish Grammies (Danish Music Awards) twice in the categories Best Danish Producer and Best Danish Electronica album, as well as the Danish Critic‘s Award as best composer.
In 2007 followed two singles taken from the album "The Last Resort": "Always Something Better (feat, Richard Davis)" (Poker Flat 71) and "Moan (feat. Ane Trolle)" (Poker Flat 81 and Poker Flat White 01). After four months of hard work by directors Niels Gråbøl and Urlik Crone and their team including shooting in Russia and postproduction in Copenhagen the amazing video for „Moan" is finished in May 2007. It tells the sad story of Laika, the first living creature in orbit. Since then "Moan" remained on high positions in the official danish and belgium salescharts - only based on 12" sales! The emotional video gathered high interest from TV channels around the globe and scored over 250.000 views on the internet in only 6 weeks.
Trentemøller and his live partner DJ. „Tom" Bertelsen played more than 100 shows over the last 1 and a half years with their raving and energetic live sets mainly based on Trentemøller‘s dancefloor singles. But in the summer of 2007 they announced a very special tour: „Trentemøller Live in Concert"! . For the first time Trentemøller and the band are performing tracks from the album „The Last Resort" live on stage! The band members are: Henrik Vibskov on drums, Mikael Simpson (guitar/bass) and of course Trentemoller. Apart from being exceptionally gifted musicians, Vibskov and Simpson are already very well known artists in their own rights. Vibskov is a famous fashion designer with exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and more, while Simpson is one of the most popular and gold selling danish singer/songwriter. Elaborate visuals have been created for the entire show by video director Karim Ghahwagi (who already provided spectacular visuals for the shows of the danish band Efterklang) and you can expect a highly entertaining and capturing multi-sensual live performance of an outstanding album! Trentemøller "Live In Concert" have been booked for many main festivals in Europe including Glastonbury in th U.K, Melt in Germany, Pukklepop in Belgium, Lowlands in the Netherlands and Roskilde in Denmark, before they are playing a North America tour.
The new double-album "The Trentemøller Chronicles" is a very special kind of "Best Of" album and is released 1st October 2007. It includes Anders‘ personal selection of his best songs and remixes, which have only been available on vinyl or on compilations, as well as some new and exclusive songs. But the fantastic Trentemøller mix on CD1 and the fi ne selection of remixes on CD2 make this release a great double album in its own right for extraordinary listening pleasure.
In cooperation with danish designers Anna Rosa Hiort-Lorenzen and Sofi e Nørregaard Anders developped his own fashion line: The Trentemøller Collection, consisting of a scarf, a dress, some special hooded shirts as well as a fi ne selection of t-shirts.
Trentemøller continued touring in 2008 and the next single followed on Audiomatique: "Miss You" features remixes by Pascal F.E.O.S., Pole, Lulu Rouge feat. Asger Baden and Trentemøller.
An amazing live recording of the stunning show at the Roskilde festival in 2007 captures the amazing atmosphere of 20.000 people fl oating 20cm above the ground. Four tracks from the outstanding Trentemøller live in concert are released in late June 2008 as a digital only EP followed by a CD release in October 2008. The CD also features 2 new remixes by Kasper Bjørke and Gluteus Maximus as well as an outstanding bluesy Mikael Simpson version of "Moan".
In winter 2008 the second part of the Trentemøller fashion collection arrived with the highlight beeing 3 different knitware scarfs of premium quality alongside a series of new t-shirts. Currently Trentemøller is working on new remixes, a special CD and on a new album.

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