While she was raised with a fusion between western values and traditional Asian culture, it took Twiena several years to develop her own ideas of what life was really about and discover the courage to go after her passions with full force.

From the dynamics of Twiena’s low-end grooves, to the fluidity of her music as she introduces a balance between her pure love of 4x4 Rave & Techno sound, raw 90s aesthetics, uplifting melodies, and perceptive mixes of emotion & intensity all fused into unforgettable moments in time. With an uncanny ear for sound, Twiena supplies her audience with high-energy vibes that blend & blur the lines between authentic Techno, Ghetto, contemporary Trance, pure Acid textures, and influence from the roots of electronic scene from the UK, all the way to Chicago – Twiena creates unparalleled combinations of rump shakin’ rave tunes designed to redefine the nightlife.

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