He is currently the biggest DJ from Slovenia, and his nickname is "Votter", which means father.. He currently co-owns runs Consumer Recreation Records, as well as releasing on, amongst others, Tortured (as Mumps), Planet Rhythm, Audio, Missile, Communique. His current style is the combination of many different roots, which the more long term Umek fans may recognise. Starting with a rough, uncompromising edge he quickly built a reputation in the studio. More recently he has developed a new funkier sound highlighted on his last double pack on Tortured under his Mumps guise, a real winner due to its funked up style - this was Carl Cox's number 1 record for 3 months. Recent productions included the hugely successful Recycled Loops (with close friend Valentino) and the first of Billy Nasty's new electro label (Electrix). He has toured Australia and America already, and moves on to Japan and Singapore as well as scheduled dates for Brazil, Australia and America. He has been working on a follow-up from his massive Mumps tracks on Tortured and will be mixing the next of Billy Nasty's Torture Chamber CDs. Also, expect more from his electro alter-go Zeta Reticula. Finally, from June 2001 onwards Umek will be playing on 4 decks, the fist time anyone has tried this on the scale that Umek is planning, be prepared.

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