Valentino Kanzyani

Valentino Kanzyani has been known for the past few years as the Leading person of a famous club in Slovenia, he booked and played with almost every popular DJ from all around the globe. Now is all ready a year that he is working on his own, concentrating his time just on his DJ skills and his Production. Together with his friend DJ Umek they are known as Recycled Loops. After their success on Primevil 13 they decided to found a Label with the same stile and Recycled Loops Records first release was done. After that He released his first solo EP named Why not? On Primevil 19 in April and his collaboration with Virgin Helena named The Porn Headquarters in May on Primary. The Track on the last named release has received nice reactions at the WMC this year in Miami and has been taken in licence from one of the most important American Labels owned by the legendary duo Deep Dish and will be out on Yoshi Toshi with some new RMX-s by Valentino and others very soon! Valentino has played at the Love Parade in 1998 and at last year MayDay Party. The biggest and most important Events in Germany. He already played in Belgium(Antwerp), Holland, Germany(Ultrashall, Matrix, MayDay..) , Austria(Biosphere, Rave Nation, Danube Rave..), Italy, Spain, France and is regularly playing on the most important events all around his country and Europe. He is releasing one of his future EP's in Tokyo on Frogman Records with a RMX-s by the leading techno producer and DJ from Japan Takkyu Ishino and Umek. In regards to the release he is going to perform in Tokyo for the presentation of it in October this year after his Tour in Australia with his friend Umek. Recently one of his track has been taken for the next International EP on Carl Cox's label In-tec and a Primate release is here to follow.

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