Victor Ruiz

When he first stepped into a recording studio his first steps were to reinterpret his roots in a more contemporary way. A futuristic tone but at the same time racial, exciting and danceable. In other words, his sound goes straight to your heart, your head and your feet (We need all of them to dance, right?). Thanks to these components over the years he’s been winning over huge swarms of followers. Loyal followers. You can also discover on his social media and exciting tours like his collaboration with visual artist Any Mello.The perfect pair to make us move while we enjoy a visual trip.

If we start talking about his music releases we can highlight his solo works “Clutch” (Octopus), “Nevermind & Red Lights” (Senso Sounds), “Voyage” (Suara), “Brujeria” (Elevate),“Rollercoaster” and “Thunderstorm” both published on Yoshitoshi recordings, “Lucky Strike / Easy Riders” (Herzblut), “Interestellar” (Sprout Music), the EP “Orion/Speed” with K.A.L.IL. or also the EP “Draco/Serpens”, both on Electric Ballroom. Don’t forget about “The Runner” with Christian Smithon Tronicimprint; “Soul Seek” (Sprout), “Midnight Sun” (Heinz) or “Music”, “In between”, “Arise” with D-Nox & Beckerson Sudbeat Music. One of his first ever major bombs was “I look into you”, edited on Sprout Music, a massive hit on the same level as “Medusa Smile” from Konrad Black.

Much closer is this other massive bomb: his vivid tribute for the sadly disappeared Robert Miles, and his of all time classic “Children”. A late night heady techno track, set to trip you out.

His work as an official remixer is also very admirable. MOBY–what a pack he prepared for Suara remixing classics as “Natural Blues” or “Go”–, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin, Hatzler,Thomas Schumacher, Olivier Giacomotto, Luzon…Just a few who have required his services. With Oliver Huntemann, the highly respected techno-gentleman from Hamburg, the way they got in touch was very curious, Victor made a bootleg for Oliver’s track “Magnet” a few years ago and the speculation created on social media was insane. Only on Soundcloud the bootleg had more than 240 thousand listens. In fact Senso Sounds–The label Oliver is the owner of- is without a doubt one of Victors new homes. Speaking of homes, Germany is the country that has adopted him as one of their own.

When Techno-House is elastic, energetic and served straight from the soul: Victor Ruiz.

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Victor Ruiz - Nimbus - Drumcode - DC205