If you want a DJ that brings you the latest fashion in techno-sounds: do NOT book this guy! Vin-iLL will give you bangin' hard techno, with depth... and with a very personal signature! He definitely does not follow the techno-charts. He is known for his original choice of records. Never forgetting what the crowd needs, but always knowing what he, himself, wants... Therefore he is also very busy producing music, and it won't be long before his tunes will fill many dance-floors. Vin-iLL started playing when he was 19 years of age. It was his love for the minimal sound of pure techno that brought him to do this. To play his favorite music for an enthousiastic crowd was, and is, his dream. Through the years Vin-iLL has developed a very intense and energetic style of mixing, never leaving the faders out of work. The decks are his playing tools. He fools around with three, but is skillful and fast on two ... You need to see him, to know him... so have a listen to Vin-iLL! Carlos Rios co-production by Vin-iLL - The 13th Baktun EP Carlos Rios & Vin-iLL - The Platonic Year EP

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