Vincent de Wit

Infected by his twinbrother Stephan de Wit, who was getting house-tapes from Friends, Vincent got interested in house-music. After buying records for quite some years this passionate DJ /producer started to develop his own sound and since 1997 he is showing his preference for pounding techno in his dj-sets. You can also hair his preference in the live performances, Which started at Exposure of Sound in the year 2001. At this party he though he was doing a once-only performance together with Carlos Rios, but then they didn't knew it wasn't gone stay by one performance. Then in 2001 Vincent's first releases came out and respected producer such as DJ Rush and Secret Cinema were making remixes of Vincent's tracks. Also differed party organisations appreciated Vincent his style and as a result of that he was already performing on many parties such as: Awakenings, Innercity, Planet Rose, Exposure of sound, Strictly Techno, TechWorx, Teknation, TeQnology. Discography - First Strike Ep (incl. Dj Rush remix) - Full Charge Ep - Vincent De Wit / Carlos Rios - Redlitedelite - Mhonolink (Vincent de Wit remix) - Chapter One - Against The Atoms Ep - Vincent De Wit / Carlos Rios - False surrender Ep - (Secret Cinema remix) - Acetate - Metroline (Frank Kvitta & Vincent de Wit remix) - Instytut Energetyki - Dave Miller & Damian Keane (incl. Vincent de Wit remix) - Stamina Ep - Bas Mooy & J. Liebregts (Glenn Wilson & Vincent de Wit remix) - Solar - Headroom - (Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy remix) - Arms 3 - Backdraft - Vincent de Wit & Bas Mooy - Housearrest - Abi Lonnberg ( remix ) - Michael Burkat - Novelty Remixes - Arms 5

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