ViperXXL was born in 1981 in Mainz/Germany near Frankfurt am Main. His first contact with electronic Music was at the age of 14 when his brother was listening to Hardcore Music which was very famous at that time. With age of 15 he started to make Music on his own,first melodic trance then progressive trance. With age of 17 Viper visited a famous techno Club in Germany, the U60311 where people like Sven Väth and Chris Liebing often spins. After the visit he started to make Techno Music on his own and spread his Music with the help of
Internet all over the world. The Style changed to Techno with more Rhythm and harder bassdrums. At Age of 18 Viper decided to buy
himself a package of Technics and was making his first steps in spinning music he likes most: Hard, toolish and stomping Techno.
Today Viper has releases out on Labels like Kne Deep, Tausendgroove, Tekktribe and also on his own Label called Insane
Records with releases from Dj Rush, Dj Mahatma, Viper himself and upcoming new German and international TechnoProducers.

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