As co-founder of Toi.Toi.Musik, one of London’s most conceptual and future-facing parties, Claus
Voigtman’s contribution to the enduring relevance of Djing is second-to-none. With a genuinely humble
dedication to the craft and to producing music of his own, he’s quietly yet confidently acquired the respect
of his peers in what is, in music terms, a remarkably short time. After having completed his mission
with Toi.Toi.Musik, he went off seeking new exciting and challenging musical journeys with his new
love Subsequent.

Patience defines Voigtmann’s outlook; never one to rush things. He’s issued just a handful releases under
his own name since 2013 with each exceeding the other in terms of quality. It’s an apt descriptor of his
mixing style too. He’s reserved and restrained, taking pride in providing moments of ecstatic euphoria only
when strictly necessary, doubling their effectiveness as a result. It’s what he chooses not to include that
makes him such a devastating capable selector. Coming from a punk band background, he rocks his sets
with that certain punk attitude and never ceases to move the floor. Groove and funk are ever present.

The world has taken notice, too. Voigtmann regularly enjoys sets at Fabric, Rex Club, Off-Sonar, Festivals,
South- and North-America and many settings the world over. He’s the kind of artist who will
actively endeavor to never stop learning. To Voigtmann, music cannot be quantified, and as such, can never
be completed. His journey as a student of music will never end. An Architect, designer Dj, and producer, he
is respectful yet fearless and defiant of trends and hype.

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