In a time when the techno world often can give the impression of “the harder, the better”, Voiski has a different approach. He is not afraid to admit he wants his music and DJ-sets to contain groove. Coming from an art school background (something that continuously keeps informing his work as a musician), he is one of the most analytical constructive artists on the scene, well aware of his own process, continuously examining it as he goes further.

Frenchman Luc Kheradmand aka Voiski started DJing and producing in 2006. Famous for his uninterrupted loops, whether they are part of more intense techno tracks, straight up electro-pieces, or his recent productions that carry a more gentle approach. The element of repetition is ongoing through his catalogue, creating a direct link to the minimalistic classical composers of the 60’s. Voiski started his first label in 2008, the now dormant Silicate, an ambitious project he describes as something between “a gallery and a label”. Super 95 was set up in 2017 for the release of his full-length debut “Disconnections, Music For Clouds”. An ambient techno album capturing the essence of the “post-trance”-sound that has become synonym with Voiski. The album was wholly created on airplanes and airports - perhaps that tells why the album has such a distinct cinematic feel to it; it is easy to imagine landscapes and scenery passing by while listening. The Super 95 imprint was created especially for the album, as well as being a home for multidisciplinary artists to release work not fitting into the framework of more conventional labels. “Disconnections, Music For Clouds” was first presented at the RBMA Festival Paris in the shape of a sound installation complete with the artist’s photographic work.

A versatile producer and artist in every true sense of the word, Kheradmand goes under many guises and is part of several constellations aside from his main alias; Unforeseen Alliance (with Antigone, Birth Of Frequency and Zadig); Vrilski (with Vril); the mysterious Polar Inertia; Hbtvsk; Tropical Agitation (with Svengalisghost) and techno-pop duo Kartei (with Crysta Patterson). Prestigious labels like Construct Re- Form, L.I.E.S., Delsin, Dekmantel and Field Records are just a handful of the ones showcasing his work. Voiski’s latest endeavor is the solo album “Sick Parrots”, an album the artist describes as “a collection of indecisions and aborted projects”. Thirteen tracks reflecting the producer’s persistent inspection of what is workable within the frame for commercial release as well as self-exploration. Available as a CD or digital files, the collected “impossible pieces” of “Sick Parrots” exhibits what the album-making process can be. In this particular case, quite a non-linear one.

As distinct as his sound is as a producer, Voiski succeedingly captures and transfers it into his work as a DJ. His sets reflects his own personal interpretation of techno; here outer space transmitted loops are sent and reiterating signals perpetually spirals over his trademark cosmic grooves. His love for classic electro also gets space to shine here, together with segments of underestimated beatless material, breaking up the steady pattern of the kick drum. Voiski takes you on a varied ride, allowing you to experience different platforms of sound and emotion.

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