William Djoko

From this early fascination in rhythm and dancing he tried at a more serious approach and let dancing become a fulltime passion when he was 17 years old. Starting out with the simplicity and fun of salsa dancing, later evolving into a more serious discipline practicing ballet (classical, modern & jazz). Helas, due to a knee injury he had to give up dancing.
Around 2003 William got acquainted with Jason Shae, Newton da Costa and Pete Bandit via a mutual friend who were organizing techno parties in and around The Hague. They were in need of a host for their evenings; a job perfectly suited for William. Tending to be a bit more creative with words and filling breaks with quick blurbs and interacting with the crowd.
Seeing this vocal thing worked out very well for both his DJ friends and himself in 2004 the four gave a go at bringing a new live act to the scene: Jason and the Argonauts. One of the first minimal house live acts in the Dutch nu-skool, they’re nowadays playing a full-on party vibe through-out Holland and abroad. Always going for a high-level of energy and interaction with every audience.
Next to enabling himself as the vocalist of the group, he also gives his own input to the music which is being played out. Starting to produce music around the end of 2005 his sound was always characterized by full grooves and freaked bits. Always aiming for full body motion and timelesness, open for different influences and very much leaning towards house.
After a couple of V/A’s and rmx’s with both Jason and the Argonauts as well as under his own name, the year 2008 marked the beginning of his solo career with a full 12” release on ThirtyOneTwenty. "Hard Loving" brought some attention to this Amsterdam based producer with a lot of positive feedback from well respected names. Seeing to an innovative sound this was marking the beginning of more good things to come.
With a wide scope on the world, interaction and music William is constantly developing his own sound, always looking out for new people and inspiration. Expect an energetic DJ/Live-set, drenched in house, that will keep you wondering and dancing till the very end! If there is one...

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William Djoko - Panic Is A Pheeling