ZIX hails from the South of Holland. Named Ziggy, after David Bowie’s infamous alter ego Ziggy Stardust, ZIX was destined for a career in music. As a youth, he was exposed to an eclectic mixture of music. However, it was Steve Rachmad’s "Emerging" CD that first inspired him to play Techno. “It was a style and kind of set that I’d never heard before - very unique on its own. It totally blew me away with its depth and energy.” Immediately he embarked on a quest to create a sound of his own – personal, unique, and full of emotion. With techno woven into his very fabric, ZIX has emerged as a powerful and hypnotic performer. His sets have been described as a "Steam train bearing down on you... yet danceable and uplifting." Later his popular radio show was to be named LocoMotive, truly reflecting the harnessed energy of his sets. His radio show dominated the airwaves in Holland from 2004 through 2009, when he then turned his focus to producing tracks.
His steam engine rhythm, combined with his trademark long mixes and intelligent stylings are what sets ZIX apart. He can make good songs great, and gives fantastic songs an extra level of depth. He has built his reputation on the ability to weave different sounds and moods together, with rarely heard tracks and future classics that leave other DJs clamouring to know what that last track was. With more than a decade of experience touring and playing festivals around the world, ZIX has established a reputation for igniting the dancefloor with his high energy sets. In April 2004, he joined the renowned DommelVallei organization as its first resident DJ and firmly established his relevance in the underground dance culture of the Netherlands. DommelVallei started as an underground Techno organization, throwing parties in warehouses, under freeway passes, in the woods – wherever it could - to give real techno lovers an alternative to the commercial music that was dominating parties and the airwaves at the time. The events have since taken on a life of their own, with classic parties such as the legendary AlleyGator parties at the Effenaar, PACT, the most popular Queen’s Day festival, and the E-troit parties.
The past few years have seen ZIX steadily on the rise, in high demand as well as emerging as a favorite DJ amongst global known entities. Remixes of his tracks are getting played around the globe. With his regular performances at Awakenings, the popular DommelVallei events and the BangTech12 bookings, ZIX is the one to keep an eye on.

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