Bridges for Music

We have a € 5,- charity donation for Bridges for Music.

Bridges for Music is a non-profit organization gathering key players of the music industry to support its responsible development in developing countries, leaving a positive impact in disadvantaged communities and helping to raise global awareness about local issues through music.

We believe electronic music is a universal language that can be used to break down socio-economic boundaries.

Music and artists can help bridge the extensive gap that exists between the rich and the poor as well as between different races in developing countries.

Artists today have a strong engagement with their fans and through this more are becoming opinion leaders, giving them a responsibility to raise awareness and take action on issues that need attention.

Globalisation is affecting the music industry and electronic music is expanding to developing countries where we have a great opportunity and responsibility to leave a legacy.

We believe the music industry has a great power to “give back” but the result will be exponentially bigger if we all pull together in the same direction. Electronic music has become the fastest growing music genre and the most accessible, now anyone can develop their talent from any random corner in the World.