07 Apr 2022

Awakenings Easter Festival

What is better than combining good music with good food? Well there isn't anything better. Take your time to chill inbetween and grab a bite at one of our food courts.

100% Vegetarian menu

Did you know, that by eating no meat for 1 day a week, you can already save 100 kilos of CO2 emission?

Awakenings Easter Festival has a 100% vegetarian menu.

Our 4 foodcourts

Foodcourt at the lake
Fruit, smoothies, fries, snacks, spring rolls, sandwiches, pizza

Foodcourt next to the Carnival
Taqueria, fries, burgers, kebab, pizza (wood oven), Pita kebab, hotdog

Foodcourt next to Area D
Pita, pasta, fries (regular and vegan), snacks, spring rolls, Kebab, sandwiches,

Foodcourt next to Area T
Fruit, smoothies, fries (regular and vegan), Kebab snacks, sandwiches, pizza, pancakes


At all stands, there will be a list of allergy information for each dish.
We have gluten and nut-free options.

Recycle station

Please bring your empty cup, can, bottle and food package and left-over to our recycle station, we will split all sources and make sure they can be recycled.