20 May 2019

Awakenings being green and sustainable

We like to dance for many more years on our beautiful planet. As organisation we are well aware of environmental impact and we strive to become a circulair festival. Please read below what we do, to make our festivals sustainable.


Did you know, that by eating no meat for 1 day a week, you can already safe 100 kilo of CO2 emission? At our indoor events, we offer a 100% vegetarian menu. At the festivals, we have 95% vegetarian, with only biological meat at the foodcourt at the carnaval area. Our crew catering is also 95% vegetarian.


We work with a deposit system for all cups, cans and bottles. At the entrance you will receive your free recycle token which you can use at the bar when you order your drink.No new drink? Then you can exchange your empty cup for a recycle token at the bar or recycle point. The token contains a code, which you can use to win prizes!


We separate all our waste, front stage as well as backstage.Our collected PET (cups + bottles) are recycled, we strive to make benches for our festival location; national park Spaarnwoude. We recycle and re-use our materials like signing, banners and decor throughout the year for all our events. All our food waste and food composables (front and backstage) are being composted.


We always works with a smart energy plan, maximizing the consumption of energy from the power grid and other renewable sources. For the complete building periode of the festival, we only make use of batteries.

Investing in National Park Spaarnwoude

For over 19 years, National Park Spaarnwoude is the host of Awakenings Festival. Together with its residents, we discuss what is needed in the area. Each year, we invest in different parts of the park, to make it thrive at it's best!