10 Apr 2020

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We love to dance together on our beautiful planet for many more years. We are well aware of our environmental impact and we intend to make our festivals as sustainable as possible. We welcome more than 190.000 visitors each year, coming from more than 80 different countries. We are reaching a young and diverse audience which we hope to inspire to make conscious choices.

Did you know?

We ask our fans to come to our events by bike or public transportation, which 90% does!
Each year we make a donation to Trees for Traffic, which is part of Trees for All. They plant trees in the Netherlands and Uganda on our behalf, to compensate our Co2 emission. For our 20-year festival anniversary, 2020 trees will be planted, divided in the Netherlands and Uganda.

On March 18, they started planting the trees at the Pan, Maarheeze (NL). Two thousand trees are good for over a 100 ton of Co2 compensation. This is not the first time an Awakenings forest is being planted. In the last couple of years Trees for Traffic planted forests around Nieuw-Vennep, Benthuizen and Lelystad for us.
Are you interested in all project of Trees for All or do you want to plant a tree or offset your carbon emissions to make a positive climate contribution? Check out their website here.


As organisation we are well aware of environmental impact and we strive to become a circulair festival. Please read below what we do more, to make our festivals sustainable and to keep our planet Awake.