30 Dec 2019

Read all about her debut at the Gashouder

Claire Morgan inhabits a unique and refreshingly dynamic space in the music world. Extraordinary range, taste and skill shine in a myriad of DJ settings, from laying down electro and booty at Berlin’s renowned underground fetish parties to ambient odysseys in cathedrals, to ten hour sets at the other cathedral, Berghain, armed with the full spectrum of colourful and adventurous techno. We cannot wait to have her for the first time playing Awakenings at the Gashouder. Read all about it below and join her on the 1st of January!

About her love for techno

Her skills were honed in Australia, but it’s in the techno capital that her formidable style and sharp instincts have come into their own. "I fell in love with dance music culture as an underage raver with a fake ID, and started out spinning house, soul, disco, funk and some drum 'n bass, and was always mad about Detroit music. Over the years the BPM’s got faster and deeper techno and electro came into the mix. A few years ago I was fighting against a parasite that I picked up in Bali, and part of that fight took the form of playing pretty tough techno. It empowered me and made me feel strong. I realised that I absolutely love playing this style of music and it has stuck".

The first time Awakenings and her debut at the Gashouder

"Awakenings Festival in June blew my mind, I have never experienced a festival on that scale before, let alone one dedicated to house & techno. It is such a spectacle and so professionally run. The stage and soundsystem at Area W were a total pleasure to play on and enormous".

During Awakenings 01.01.20 Claire will make her debut at the Gashouder. How does she prepare for this? Well gather some killer music and hold onto my hat. The most exciting about this experience will definitely be the pyrotechnics and lighting. "I can't wait to see it all with my own eyes".

What is your way to relax in such a busy week?

There won’t be any relaxing. I’m coming straight from my Australian tour, playing at Uebel und Gefährlich in Hamburg during the day, and then finishing my New Years Day at Awakenings. Can’t imagine a better start to 2020!

Catch her on 01.01.2020