18 Apr 2020

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At the moment we are living in surreal times. Everything that used to be so normal is not longer possible due the outbreak of the Corona virus. Going to the movies, catching up with friends or spending time with many of our loved ones. Nothing is common anymore. Enjoying parties and events, made place for livestreams in the living room. We all want to let you know, hang in there and never stop dancing, together we can make this trough. This is not only for you and us, but for all our colleagues in the scene, a catastrophic event.

As a result of the national measures taken by the government, many event organizers are forced to postpone their events, including us as Awakenings. We are very happy that we were able to postpone all four Awakenings Easter events to next year; Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th of April 2021. All tickets bought by our fans will stay valid for next year and even the lineup will stay the same, because like you, all our DJs were looking very much forward to this Easter weekend.
Postponing the event not only brings along sadness but also lots of questions by our fans. We are trying the best we can to provide you with all the information you need to know. When the Dutch government was forced to take measures due to the Corona virus, the Culture and Event sector immediately reached out to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dutch authority for consumers, to provide the best possible solution for both the sector and it’s ticket buyers. The parties agreed upon a temporary arrangement, which can be found on the website Save your Ticket.
This public campaign “Save your ticket, enjoy later”, launched today, to support organizers, artists, suppliers, but also the people behind the scenes, who make our events possible. Our team is working year-round, with only one goal: to overwhelm our fans at every single party and give them a monumental memory. That’s why we ask you to contribute and save your ticket! We need to do this together, because only in this way you will have great festivals with lots of great music in the future.


Are you interested in more information about the 'Save your Ticket' campaign. Visit their website by clicking on the button below.