27 Jun 2019

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The weather conditions in the Netherlands are amazing at the moment, and the forecast for this Saturday and Sunday is even better!

It will be a sunny and hot weekend! The Awakenings team is well prepared for the hot climate and we are happy to provide you with extra “shade” spaces in the outside areas, fans inside the tents, we increased the amount of tap water points and added additional staff and resources at the first aid stands.

Read our advise below

  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen when it’s sunny (you can bring your own, no sprays)
  • Drink enough water, but not too much (no more than 1 or 2 glasses an hour)
  • Take a break sometimes and don’t forget to grab a bite
  • Put on some breezy clothes of thin fabric, no need for extra layers and long sleeves.
  • During the night the temperature can drop, don’t forget to bring some warm clothes
  • Think for yourself, care about others
  • The first aid team is your friend, visit them if you don't feel well
  • Don’t push your limits with alcohol and drugs, be responsible!
  • Most of all enjoy the sun and dance

Do's and Don'ts

☀ Bring your sunglasses & a hat
☀ Use our sunscreen service by KWF (located next to the lake)
☀ Bring a handfan! (the ones on batteries are not allowed)
☀ You can bring a small waterpistol (up till 15cm max, or buy one at the merchandise stand)
☀ Special tip from our crew: You can wetten a towel and put it in your neck to cool down! (towels are available at our merchandise stand)

☀ It's not allowed to swim in the lake, because of the cyanobacteria


If you want more information about how to party safe during the heat, visit the Celebrate Safe and check out the 10 tips on how to party safely.

Some other questions that might pop up

Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
If the event is sold out, it is not possible to buy tickets at the venue. Please check Ticketswap to see if there are any tickets offered.
I lost my ticket, what should I do?
Please try to search for 'Paylogic' in your inbox and also check your spam folder.
If this doesn't get you any results, please go to consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets, so we can resend your ticket(s) and/or confirmation e-mail to your mail address.
Where can I find the FAQ of Awakenings Festival?
A full list of the FAQ can be found on our festival website. Click here to view.