26 Jun 2019

What to eat at Awakenings Festival

What is better than combining good music with good food? Well there isn't anything better. This is a shoutout to all foodlovers who want to start planning their food for lunch and dinner at Awakenings Festival.

At Awakenings Festival we have 4 different food courts.

Vegetarian food at Awakenings Festival

Did you know, that by eating no meat for 1 day a week, you can already save 100 kilo of CO2 emission? At Awakenings Festival 95% of all the food we offer is vegetarian. The other 5% is only biological meat.

Foodcourt 4 - Our foodtrucks

The best fries from OPZOUTEN! are freshly cut from carefully selected quality potatoes and pre-fried in pure liquid vegetable oil.
Taste the authentic artisanal taste! The fries are salted with salt straight from the Himalayas. Pure and full of minerals. Naturally mild and very tasteful!

Mr Fresco

At this foodtruck there are several pasta's which you can order. The famous Pasta Arrabbiata with a spicy tomato sauce, a Pasta Pesto with a pesto cream sauce or a vegetarian Pasta Bolognese. Which one is your favorite?


With or without a bun? The saté from the Satéman is tasty and made from biological meat.

Hotdog King

Are you going for the typical classic hotdog with sour cabbage, pickles, onions, topped of with some mayonaise, ketchup and mustard or... The Italian Hotdog with rocket, tomato, parmessan cheese and pesto mayonaise? Both hotdogs are made from biological chicken.

Tommy’s BBQ

Burger from sundried tomatoes and chickpeas (vegetarian) or a vegetarian Tex Mex Platter.

Pizzeria Airstreamer
Three different pizza's! The famous Margherita, Goatcheese or with Mushrooms

Waffle bus
A naturel waffle or are you going for a waffle including two toppings?

Foodcourt one, two and three

We not only serve you fries but also some of the best Dutch snacks like (vegetarian) Kroket and Kaassoufle. More in the mood for a pizza or a sandwich? No problem! Our menu is big and the variety high.

For the mediterranean kitchen you can go to Yalla Yalle which serve an amazing falafel bowl or filled whine leaves with rice. Sounds good right?

For the real sweet tooth we have some healthy smoothies, fruit, but also pancakes and churros.

Last but not least, we have added some of the best vegan burgers and döner kebab. Both are really worth the try, trust us!