We have 4 different food courts spread over the festival, browse all options here!


Did you know, that by eating no meat for 1 day a week, you can already save 100 kilos of CO2 emission? At Awakenings, we offer a 100% vegetarian menu.
Foodcourt at the lake
Fruit, smoothies, fries, snacks, spring rolls, sandwiches, pizza

Foodcourt next to the Carnival
Taqueria, fries, burgers, kebab, pizza (wood oven), Pita kebab, hotdog

Foodcourt next to Area D
Pita, pasta, fries (regular and vegan), snacks, spring rolls, Kebab, sandwiches,

Foodcourt next to Area T
Fruit, smoothies, fries (regular and vegan), Kebab snacks, sandwiches, pizza, pancakes