Make your trip

more sustainable

We welcome more than 300.000 visitors each year, coming from more than 80 different countries. We are well aware of our environmental impact and we intend to make our festivals as sustainable as possible.

We are reaching a young and diverse audience that we hope to inspire to make conscious choices.

We ask our visitors, to travel to our events as green as possible, by encouraging a bike ride for locals and making public transportation and shuttle busses very accessible.

If you travel by car, train or even plane, we ask you to lower your impact on the environment. Trees take the Co2 out of the air, so by donating trees, we can contribute to a greener world.
Through the button below, you can donate 1 tree for 5,- euro.

If you want to calculate the exact Co2 emission of your trip and compensate for the complete emission, please use this link.

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Donate 1 tree for 5,- euro.

Awakenings & Trees for All

We ask our fans to come to our events by bike or public transportation, which 90% does! Since 2011, we make a yearly donation to Trees for All, who plant trees on our behalf, to contribute to a green and healthy world.

For our 20-year festival anniversary, 2020 trees were planted, which are good for over 100 ton of CO2 capturing.

Our current goal: Restoring the tropical forest and the habitat of the orangutan on Borneo

In Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan, you can find one of the last remaining peat swamp forests on the island of Borneo. This unique area is home to thousands of unusual animals and plants, including the critically endangered orangutan. The area is also a globally significant store of carbon.

In 2015, a large part of Sebangau was destroyed by a forest fire. The peat has also dried out due to illegal logging in the past. The habitat of numerous animals, trees and plants is therefore getting smaller and smaller. Furthermore, there is a danger that huge quantities of carbon will be released into the atmosphere due to the peat drying out.

Fortunately, Sebangau National Park has now gained the status of a protected area. And with your help we can restore the tropical forest!
Click here to view all info about this project.

About Trees for All

Trees for All foundation invests in a green and healthy earth by planting and restoring forest worldwide. Both companies and individuals can offset their CO2 and plant trees through the Trees for All projects. In this way we work together for a healthier climate, restoration of nature and biodiversity and better living conditions as well.

Trees for All has the CBF quality mark and ANBI status, which makes a donation tax deductible.