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Huma - Noyd Past events

Huma - Noyd Biography

It all started in 1995.... Mário Henriques created his project " Huma - Noyd Live". This project was born to infect everything and everyone with his kind of music. 
His unique strong music-style is a mixture of Techno and Hardtechno with a lot of energy and power.
Huma-Noyd isn't that influenced by other artists as he want to make his really own unforgettable set's with an special type of sound.

In 1997 Huma-Noyd signed a contract with Portugals No. 1 agency  " X-Club The Agency " . The agency helped him to popularise his work till 2002.
In 1998 Huma - Noyd created his own Label named " Monophonik Recordings" and three years later in 2001 he opened his record- and merchandise store named just like his Label . 2004 he started to work with "Intution Recordings Portugal". After five years the cooperation ended.
In 2008, huma-noyd  saw a new opportunity  for  his career:
Huma - Noyd will continue his saga and will move all over the world to present his amazing and  special style of music. His project was created to lead his public  into a world where sound is the key to every success.
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