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A.Paul Past events

A.Paul Biography

ARTIST NAME: A.Paul ALIASES: Loudon Kleer, Luther Miek, LK, Beat Therapy, Eypol, Cronik Rebel, Heilo Bitnik BIRTH DATE: 26th NOVEMBER 1971 BIRTH LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal DJ SINCE: 1987 MUSIC PRODUCER SINCE: 1992 RECORDS ON FOLLOWING LABELS: *Cutz, 4 Kenzo, Aenaria Tech, Amigos Recordings, Analog Mode, Analytic Trail, Beat Disaster, Black Pitch Music, Bush Records,

ARTIST NAME: A.Paul ALIASES: Loudon Kleer, Luther Miek, LK, Beat Therapy, Eypol, Cronik Rebel, Heilo Bitnik BIRTH DATE: 26th NOVEMBER 1971 BIRTH LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal DJ SINCE: 1987 MUSIC PRODUCER SINCE: 1992 RECORDS ON FOLLOWING LABELS: *Cutz, 4 Kenzo, Aenaria Tech, Amigos Recordings, Analog Mode, Analytic Trail, Beat Disaster, Black Pitch Music, Bush Records, Codeworks, Difference Recordings, Dirty Ego, DJ Pro Records, Drakos Recordings, Ekho Port, Epoch Worx, Evil Forces, Genesis Records, Impact Mechanics, Intravenous Cuts, Intuition Recordings, Kamikaze Records, Kaos Records, Kombination Research, Labrynth Records, LK Music, Mastertraxx, Naked Lunch, Omega Audio, Onh.Cet Records, Paradise Records, Parallel 125, Patterns, Pick Pocket, Pirate Audio, Question of Time, RMX Records, Squeeze Records, Stream Recordings, Substance Music, Synewave, Tech On, The Light, TMM Records, Triple Recordings, Tsunami (X-Club), UMM, Virale Records, Warning Inc, World Music Records, Yeti Records, Yin Yang. OWN LABELS: Squeeze Records (1996-2000), Onh.Cet Records (1998-2000), Genesis Records (2001-2002), Naked Lunch, Parallel 125, Dirty Ego, LK Music, Triple Recordings. CHARTS, SUPPORT & AWARDS: 6th Best Techno Album "Neurofunk" (October 1998) - DJ Magazine UK Best Techno Compilation "Solid" (Universal Music 1998) - Feira Mix Awards PT Best Portuguese Techno DJ (2000, 2001, 2002) - Dance Club Magazine PT Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Downloads @ Trackitdown.net Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Downloads @ Junodownload.com Several tracks #1 Techno Sales Vinyl @ Juno.co.uk A.Paul's music supported and/or charted by: Agent, Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000, Anderson Noise, Andreas Kremer, Axel Karakasis, Bas Mooy, Ben Long, Ben Sims, Carl Cox, Carl Falk, Celtec Twinz, Chris Liebing, Christian Fischer, Damon Wild, Danny Tenaglia, Dj Misjah, Dj Murphy, Echoplex, Eric Sneo, Felix Krocher, Gene Le Fosse, Ian Void, Ignition Technician, Joel Mull, Jim Masters, Luca Ricci, Marco Lenzi, Mark EG, Mark Williams, Markantonio, Marko Nastic, Mhonolink, Mike Humphries, Pascal FEOS, Pedro Delgardo, Spiros Kaloumenos, Steve Rachmad, Sven Wittekind, Takkyu Ishino, The Advent, Trevor Rockcliffe, Umek, Vitamin D, Wehbba, to name but a few. Biography A.Paul was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1971. His first contact with music was at the age of 6 through the influence of his older sister who was really into the funky disco sound. His musical roots are deeply connected with great musicians such as George Benson, Imagination, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, and later with Kraftwerk, true pioneers of what we now call electronic music. He also received some electro and hip-hop vibes from the 80´s, and by the time acid house hit Europe by the end of the decade, he was already mixing for some time, making some parties with his own equipment, and his work was recognized by the portuguese dj J. Daniel, who gave him the opportunity in 91 to start playing as a resident in a club that held the capacity for a 1000 people and also invited him to work at his record shop and with whom he also released his first vinyl record in 94, on his imprint Question of Time. This record was also licensed to the mythical Italian label UMM. This was a time of great discovery in music, made A.Paul forge and polish his own style of music and skills as well, leading him to become resident of two of the most charismatic clubs at that time, Climacz in 94 and Kremlin in 96 both in Lisbon. In 1995, after his first international gig in Augsburg - Germany, he became the techno import manager for Illegal Records in Lisbon, and with this new step he is able to get all the latest promos of techno, and release his music on his own labels, first Squeeze Records with another 2 portuguese djs, and later on his own Onh.Cet. This was the when he got definitely addicted to techno music, absorbing all the new influences from Detroit, Chicago, the first minimal wave from Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, and also the European faction with The Advent, Surgeon, Luke Slater, James Ruskin, Steve Rachmad, Maurizio among a lot of other artists and labels that deeply inspired him throughout the years. The next couple of years A.Paul released music for other international labels which made his name more popular hence leading to an expectable increase of gigs in his country, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany and Denmark. When he joined the X-Club agency and party organization company in 1997, he finally had the chance to play regularly with all the top techno and house djs one can imagine, transcending new ways of understanding the art of djing, different styles of music, and the chance to start co-producing music with renowned artists and establishing good friendships with them, even remaining in contact with some of them today. Besides music, he also embraces a new artistic passion with visuals, being the graphic designer for X-Club for over 2 years, and created his own visuals company - 'Oblivion Visual Concepts'. In 2001 he opened an online record shop called Genesis Records, which grew to the point that he had to open an actual shop, promoting techno and new styles of open minded music like no other place in Portugal. He also created a label for the shop where he released a few records. The following years were filled with remarkable success, increased popularity, which made him become the Best Portuguese Techno Dj 3 years in a row, voted by the readers of Dance Club Magazine, the main media vehicle for dance music in Portugal. New projects and ideas kept coming, he created Mooshi Mooshi a merchandising shop, he founded Secret Society, a night in Lisbon dedicated to techno, and more recently he opted to quit all his other activities (design, promoting, chronicle writer and record reviewer), dedicating himself strictly to music production and djing. He feels more active than ever and finally he is breaking some of his own boundaries, producing from tech-house under the pseudonym Luther Miek, techno as A.Paul and one cannot forget his rebel soul which is manifested in his minimal and experimental works this time under the alias of Loudon Kleer.
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