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Charlton Past events

Charlton Biography

Charlton was born september the 16th 1982 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He started his DJ career in 1999. Inspired by producers like Slobadan, Surgeon, Regis and Headroom, he started to produce his own music in the year 2001. After finishing his 'Electronic Music Productions study he started producing for his live PA. His first live performance took place in 2004. Since then he's been exploring that side of technomusic and became a newborn talent in Holland, playing in places like Nighttown Rotterdam (Strictly Techno) and Club Monza Utrecht (SubCulture), where he was also asked to be a resident DJ.

Up until now he shared the stage with artists like Preach, Oliver Giacomotto, Vincent de Wit, Bas Mooy, Damian Keane, Dave Miller, Oliver Kucera, Patrik Skoog, Jay Denham, James Ruskin and Secret Cinema, just to name a few. Where his slamming livesets will take you from pounding 4*4 to dark off-beat rhythms, filled with nasty razorsharp acid basslines, his dj-sets will take you from old Jeff Mills tunes to Mulero beats and everything in between. Releases/Appearances: Bas Mooy & Charlton - Ibogaine -Arms 007 Bas Mooy & Charlton - Narco Corrido -Arms 008 Charlton -Septenary ep-Peeledtracks 008 (mp 3 realese) Daibla Diezco - Inmate - arms 012 Grovskopa-Ragnarok (Bas mooy & Charlton rmx)Audioassault 022 Bas Mooy-Angstgegner (Charlton rmx)Audioassault 024 Charlton- Nie_Przyjazny-Arms 13 Charlton-Smackhead - Peeledtracks Yearly Bash 2006(mp 3 realese) Go Hiyama - Machine for rest (Diabla Diezco rmx)Audioassault 025 Charlton - Sinister/BlackSlong - Pohjola 006 Diabla Diezco - Crystal Meth - aftertaste 002 Diabla Diezco vs Boyconstrictor - tba - lime tree project 002
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