How to travel to Awakenings Summer Festival 2024

We cannot wait to see you again! To avoid queues and save some time you can plan your trip, and pre-order your locker, shuttle bus and parking tickets with a discount.

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Travel responsible

Together, we can protect our planet by traveling responsibly.

Do you live a little too far to travel by bike? The easiest and most sustainable way to get to Summer Festival is to take the train to Tilburg and hop on our shuttle bus. Avoid taxis and take the shuttle bus to the festival.

By Bike
The festival can easily be reached by bike, it's only a 30-minute bike ride from Tilburg train station. We have bike parking close to both Festival entrances (North and South).

Navigation address:
Beekse Bergen 1 (entrance North) or Westrik 2 (entrance South), Hilvarenbeek.
Follow the signs 'Bike parking' when you see them.

NOTE: don't forget to remove your bike before Monday 12:00. On Monday all fences will be removed and the remaining obstructing bikes will be removed as well. Locks will get cut and costs are not refunded.
By Train (national)
The easiest and most used option is to take the train to Tilburg Station. From there, you take a shuttle bus (20-minute drive) or a bike (30-minute drive) to the festival. Please be aware there might be a queue during peak hours, especially after the festival closes.

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Please make sure to check the train schedule in advance, to see when the last train will be leaving for your destination and leave in time!
By Train (international)
Traveling by train is not only sustainable, it is also very easy. We have partnered up with Choo-Choo, experts in booking the best train trips.

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Shuttle bus from Tilburg Station
These buses operate between Tilburg train station and Awakenings Summer Festival.

From Tilburg train station, take the exit North and turn left.
Address: Burgemeester Brokxlaan, Tilburg.

Shuttle times
The buses will continue driving to and from the festival throughout the duration of the festival.

Friday: 11:00 - 02:30
Saturday: 12:00 – 02:30
Sunday: 12:00 – 02:30
Monday: 08:00 – 12:30

A return ticket between Tilburg train station and Awakenings Summer Festival costs € 8,70 in pre-sale and €10,- on location.

Leaving the event
For your return trip back to Tilburg station, keep in mind that there can be a short wait for the shuttle buses at the bus stop. Also, be aware that it will take extra time to gather your things from the lockers and walk to the bus stop.

Facilities for visitors with a physical disability
At the shuttle bus platform, there are no special facilities. However, the shuttle buses are accessible to you. It is recommended to arrive as early as possible to avoid traveling at peak hours.
Touringcar (direct bus within the Netherlands)
If you are traveling from other cities in The Netherlands, you can choose one of the options from Partybussen. Go to the day ticketshop, go to step "busses from Dutch cities" and select your city.

Go to day ticketshop

other travel options

Of course, we have other options if you can't travel via any of the above.

Car & Parking
Parking tickets are available in our ticket shop. There are different parking locations for the various campsites, cottages and daytickets. Make sure to download the most recent Parking ticket with the right info for your location.

Parking for one day costs € 18,- in pre-sale. (€ 25,- on location)
Parking tickets for a weekend cost €35,50 in pre-sale. (€ 40,- on location)

Your car can stay in the parking area from Friday to Monday but you are not allowed to sleep in your car.

Turn off the navigation system from the moment you see the first yellow sign or mobile information system.

Keep your parking ticket ready on arrival, the barcode will be scanned.

Facilities for visitors with a physical disability
Please drop us an email so we can provide you with the right parking card. Please mention in your email which ticket you've bought (which day and camping Grand Camping or Relax Resort if you are staying the whole weekend)
Kiss & Ride
Once you see the 'Kiss & Ride' signs, turn off your navigation and follow the signs.

Navigation address: Kommerstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek.

Leaving the festival? Take exit South and follow the signs "Kiss & Ride".
If you're leaving the festival by Uber, take exit South and follow the signs "Kiss & Ride" and order just before you arrive at this designated pick-up point.

Navigation address: Kommerstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek.

It's a 15-minute walk from the festival exit. This is the only spot in the area where Ubers are allowed to stop and pick up clients.

We do not advise taking a taxi. There will be a long queue at the end of the festival and prices will be high.

A better and cleaner way (50 persons instead of 4 persons in one trip) is to take the Tilburg train shuttle service.

Taxis can only stop at the designated taxi area, so if you want to take a taxi to head home: take exit NORTH and follow the Taxi signing. The taxis for larger groups >4 will be lined up separately, so watch out to stand in the right line.

Navigation address: Beekse Bergen 1, Hilvarenbeek.
Your own touringcar
If you are organizing a bus trip on your own and have a full bus, please fill out this from, so we can inform you about the best route and available parking space. You will receive all the required travel information from our partner Traffic Support in the week before Awakenings Summer Festival.
Organized bus trips - International
Please view below our international travel partners:
- Flashtimer (DE)
- Maximal (BE + DE)

Multiple entrances incl navigation address

The Festival takes place at Beekse Bergen recreational area in Hilvarenbeek. It's a very beautiful and wide area.

We have several entrances, please check your entrance ticket to check which entrance you should take.

Single-day tickets
Festival Entrance South
(Entrance North is closed on Friday)

Saturday + Sunday
Festival Entrance North or Festival Entrance South

3-Day No Stay Weekend ticket
On Friday entrance South, on Saturday and Sunday you can use entrance North or South.
Weekend tickets
Grand Camping

Camping Entrance North
Beekse Bergen 1, Hilvarenbeek

Cottages, Safari tents + Pre-set up tents
Camping Entrance South
Leisenweg, Hilvarenbeek

Bring your own tent
Camping Entrance South
Leisenweg, Hilvarenbeek

Relax Resort

Cottages & Safari tents
Camping Entrance Resort
Tilburgseweg 41, Hilvarenbeek

Bring your own tent + Pre-set up tents
Camping Entrance West
Kommerstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek

Parking for visitors with a physical or sensory disability

You can buy a special parking ticket and show it together with your own 'physically disabled' parking permit to our parking crew. If possible, they will arrange a parking place near the event. A place near the entrance cannot be guaranteed.

With your disabled parking card, you get the most optimal parking at that time. When the parking is closed for other traffic the disabled parking ticket grants you access.

Note: this parking ticket is not for free. Please send an email to to get your ticket link.

make your trip more

We ask you to lower your travel impact on the environment. Trees take the Co2 out of the air, so by donating trees, we can contribute to a greener world.