Awakenings Summer Festival - Sunday cancelation

Sunday marked the most heartbreaking day in the past 26 years of organizing Awakenings.

For the past year we poured our heart and soul into creating the most unforgettable edition of Awakenings Summer Festival.

The decision to cancel the event was a collective agreement among the Hilvarenbeek municipality, Beekse Bergen, Awakenings, and Health and Safety Authorities. This challenging decision was based on the available weather and safety information at that time. That the weather subsequently changed is a testament to the unpredictability of such conditions. It also indicates how painful the decision was.

However, we stand fully behind that decision. Particularly after learning about the impact the hail, lightning and storm had around our area. While it may seem in hindsight that our visitors, crew and venue were spared from severe weather consequences, we know it was the right course of action.

We extend our gratitude to all those who have reached out, offering messages of support and understanding. It devastates us to read and see the negative comments about yesterdays decision. We know you’re hurt, we know you’re upset. We are too.

Just how we poured our heart and soul into the organization of Awakenings Summer Festival, we are fully committed to resolving the issue of refunds for our weekend and Sunday visitors. In the upcoming period, we will get in contact with all of you about a refund plan.

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If you have purchased refund protection from XCover/Booking Protect, we kindly request that you refrain from seeking a refund through their respective portal, as we are responsible for processing refunds for this event’s cancellation.
Did you still have items in your locker?
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