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I need to pick up my tickets at the Will Call window, where can I find it?

The Will Call window is located at the Box Office on the west end of the lobby. If you are picking up tickets at Will Call, please bring valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Will there be facility surcharges?

A facility surcharge is assessed to help defray the administrative costs of running our Box Office and our facility. You will find that some venues are charging this fee and that it is in line with industry standards. This facility surcharge ($ 3.00) is included in the price of each ticket.

Please understand that a facility surcharge is included in the ticket price, regardless of your point of purchase. Please be aware that the Ticketmaster surcharges cover the costs of performing the administrative functions necessary to process ticket orders, as well as for shipping. There are three ways to purchase tickets through Tickemaster. If you choose to use Ticketmaster's phone or Internet service, you will be assessed a facility convenience and shipping charge. If you choose to utilize a Ticketmaster outlet to purchase tickets, you will be assessed a facility surcharge and a convenience charge. You may avoid Ticketmaster charges only by purchasing tickets in person at our Box Office.

I have lost my ticket / my ticket is stolen, what do I do?

If you have lost your tickets or they have been stolen before your event takes place, please return to your point of purchase for further assistance. If you have purchased tickets through Ticketmaster phone or Ticketmaster online, please call Ticketmaster Customer Service at 866-858-0008 or 866-858-0009.

Where can I purchase tickets?

For events may be purchased at Ticketmaster.com, at a Ticketmaster Outlet, or by calling Ticketmaster at 866-858-0008 or 866-858-0009. Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are subject to Ticketmaster service fees in addition to the cost of the ticket.
If you would like to purchase tickets on the day that the event is taking place, you may continue to utilize Ticketmaster. As the event start time approaches, Ticketmaster will no longer sell tickets and you may only purchase tickets in person at the Manhattan Center Box Office.

Am I allowed to resell my ticket?

Please note that New York law prohibits the resale of tickets within one thousand five hundred feet from the Manhattan Center. Unlawful resale can be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

Are there refunds & exchanges for tickets?

The Manhattan Center has a no refund, no exchange policy on tickets for all events.

I am a wheelchair user but I have a normal ticket, do I need to be relocated?

If you are a wheelchair user and obtain non-accessible tickets please call the Sales department at 212-279-7740 ext. 227 in order to be relocated, (pending availability) to a designated wheelchair location. We do, however, encourage you to utilize our services when purchasing tickets, so that we may better assist you.

Are there companion tickets available?

At a minimum, based upon availability, you will be permitted to purchase tickets for you and one guest beside you. You may also purchase tickets based upon availability for additional guests in close proximity to our wheelchair sections.

Are there seating tickets available?

For most shows, Manhattan Center provides accessible seating on Ticketmaster.com. If accessible seating is not provided on Ticketmaster.com, please contact us at (212) 279-7740.

For individuals who have limited mobility, we can provide a wheelchair to transport guests from our Main Lobby to your seats. Upon arriving at the Manhattan Center, please ask a Security Officer for assistance. Please be aware that our staff will not remain with the patron during the event, nor will they allow the guest to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the event.

Can I purchase a ticket at the box office?

The box office is open on the day of show only starting at door opening time till one hour before end of show. Cash (no bills over 50), American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are all acceptable forms of payment at our Box Office. We do not accept checks or money orders.

The Box Office is located on the west end of the Manhattan Center lobby.


Can I temporarily leave the event?

All exits are final, except for guests who smoke (there will be a designated smoking section). Guests are not permitted to leave an event and then re-enter the same event.

Which items are not allowed inside the venue?

We ask all guests to arrive early and travel light as you may be subject to search.
Please avoid bringing unnecessary items.
The Manhattan Center may utilize metal detecting hand wands, walk-through metal detectors or other devices.

  • Prohibited Items include (but are not limited to)
  • Laser Pens
  • Large signs (No larger than 10 X 14.5) (only soft cardboards or construction paper allowed)
  • Oversize Bags
  • Lighters
  • Gum
  • Umbrellas
  • Magic Markers & Permanent Markers
  • Drugs (Prescriptions must be in its original labeled bottle and must have a valid state I.D.)
  • Weapons of any kind (exceptions may be costume weapons in a soft cardboard or Styrofoam. No large items, decision at the discretion of the Security Supervisor)
  • No Metal Items
  • No Hard Plastic Items
  • No Wooden Items
  • Outside food and or beverage (including water, cans, and bottles)
  • Alcohol
  • Professional cameras 
  • Video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices and SLR cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses
  • You may bring in a disposable, 35mm or digital point and shoot camera (with no zoom or telephoto lens) however, for some events, cameras of any type and/or flash photography may be prohibited.

What is the search policy?

The Manhattan Center asks all guests to arrive early and travel light.
All persons and bags are subject to search. Oversized bags are prohibited.
The Manhattan Center provides an area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings.
We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Where can I park my car?

The Manhattan Center is conveniently located next to Meyer’s Parking garage on 34th Street.

How do I get there?

For detailed driving directions from your point of departure, we suggest you visit the mapping website of your choice (i.e, Google Maps, maps.yahoo.com, etc.) and input the Manhattan Center (physical address: 311 West 34th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001) as the destination address.
The Manhattan Center is conveniently located one block away from Penn Station and is easily accessible by taking the 1,2,3, A, C, E trains to 34th Street/Penn Station.
You may also take the B, D, F, V, N, R, Q, W trains to the 34th Street/Herald Square stop and walk 2 blocks west to The Manhattan Center.
PATH trains from New Jersey also stop at 33rd Street/Avenue of the Americas.
If you are arriving via Metro-North, you may take the Shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square and transfer to the downtown 1,2,3 trains to 34th Street/Penn Station.

What are the opening times of the event?

The event starts at 9:00 PM on Sunday 14th February and ends at 06:00 AM.

We ask all guests to arrive early and travel light as you may be subject to search.
Please avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Rules & Regulations

Am I allowed to smoke inside the venue?

In compliance with New York City regulations, there is no smoking, including Electronic Cigarettes, permitted anywhere in the Manhattan Center. This policy is strictly enforced. Violation of this regulation is grounds for ejection.

What is the policy on security?

The Manhattan Center is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Any guest in need of assistance during an event should seek an Usher, Security Officer, or Event Manager. 
For more information, see Code of Conduct.

What is the alcohol management at Hammerstein Ballroom?

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.
All guests may be required to show ID to purchase alcohol. Guests are not permitted to bring in alcoholic beverages from outside and may not leave with alcohol purchased inside the Manhattan Center. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any guest.
Please be aware that it is the policy of the Manhattan Center to require all guests who appear to be forty (40) years of age or younger to present a valid form of ID with proof of age in order to purchase alcoholic beverages. 
Pursuant to applicable State law, we accept only the following forms of identification:

  • A valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card issued by the United States Government
  • A State Government, Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States
  • Provincial Government of Canada
  • A valid passport
  • A valid U.S. military ID

Can I bring my camara with me?

Video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices and cameras with professional telephoto or zoom lenses are NOT permitted inside the Manhattan Center at any time. This policy will be strictly enforced. You may bring in non-professional or disposable cameras.  However, for some events, cameras of any type and/or flash photography may be completely prohibited.  Any photos taken are for personal use only and may not be sold, licensed or distributed.

What is the code of conduct of Awakenings New York?

  • Guests shall be respectful of others around them.
  • Guests shall refrain from fighting, obscene gestures, throwing objects and engaging in other     behavior detrimental to the experience of other guests.
  • Guests shall not stand on seats or any other building structure.
  • As required by the City of New York, guests shall not smoke anywhere in our facilities. There will be a dedicated smoking area outside once the majority of patrons have entered the show.
  • Guests who consume alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
  • Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate or offensive behavior to an Usher, Security Officer or Guest Experience Representatives.
  • Guests shall comply with requests from arena staff regarding arena operational and emergency procedures.

What is the minimum age?

Awakenings New York City is an 18+ event (21+ for VIP).


Where can I request media credentials?

Media credentials can be requested by filling out the media application at: bit.ly/AwakeningsNYCMedia

Can I bring my own promotional items with me?

The distribution of promotional items, flyers, handbills or printed materials is not permitted without written permission of The Manhattan Center. In addition, vending, peddling or product sampling is not allowed.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Outside food and beverages, Bottles and Containers including water, are not permitted in the Manhattan Center at any time. The Manhattan Center offers a variety of food and beverage for sale.

I have a temporary disability/injury, what do I do?

If you have a temporary disability/injury please call the Sales department and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to attend the event in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. When calling, please have the event, date, order number, section, row, and seat available.

Can I buy merchandise at the event?

A merchandise stands will be located in the lower level of the Manhattan Center.

I lost some of my belongings, what should I do?

Please contact our security desk at 212-279-7740 to inquire about the possible recovery of any lost items. If you have lost an item while at an event, please speak with an Usher, Security Officer, or Event Managers for further assistance.

Is there an ATM machine on site?

There is one ATM located in the lobby of the Manhattan Center by the box office.

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