Bart Skils

His style ranges from techno to electro, always funky and danceable. He is also founder and host of the highly respected Voltt and Traffic events, both situated in Amsterdam. Traffic is based at the famous Melkweg venue and focuses more on the true techno sounds while his Voltt events, based in Dutch poptempel Paradiso, are more minimal and smooth. With his regular appearances along guests such as Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Heiko Laux, Oscar Mulero and Ricardo Villalobos the Traffic and Voltt nights are seen as one of the leading club nights around with a great fan base and good atmosphere. Recently Bart Skils has teamed up with fellow colleague DJ/producer Jerome to hit the streets with their "Take one, know one" EP which was picked up by Pure Plastic Records. This London based record label is one of the leading techno labels around featuring artists such as Surgeon, Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero and label owner Mark Broom who also did a slamming remix of their "Take one, know one" EP. With his residencies in clubs like Paradiso, Melkweg and Mazzo, tight productions and regular gigs at all the major dance events, club nights and festivals like Awakenings, Lowlands, Innercity, Pinkpop, Dance Valley, Extrema, Impulz and 05 Days Off he's built himself a strong solid reputation for quality music.

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Bart Skils - West of the Moon