Mha Iri

Although based in Edinburgh for the last couple of years, Mha Iri (pronounced ‘Marry’) has traveled extensively. Leaving home to see the world, she eventually landed in Melbourne, Australia where over 5 years she established herself as a firm feature on the city’s vibrant underground techno circuit playing open to close sets to ever growing crowds. The city is known as one of the party meccas of the world with hug festival events and non-stop afterhours parties seemingly every weekend. It was in this world that Mha Iri immersed herself and learned the craft, gaining both experience and fans over many months and years.

With Melbourne providing a fertile base, word obviously spread and Mha Iri found herself regularly flying ‘interstate’ criss-crossing Australia and into neighboring New Zealand, New Caledonia and India to spin at major events like Beyond The Valley, Pitch and Rainbow Serpent. All this whilst planning and executing the next step up in her career: Music production.

From her earliest productions which started dropping in 2018 to the most recent weapons supported by global headliners such as Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer (Saga Festival), Richie Hawtin (Timewarp 2022) and Reinier Zonneveld (Ultra Brasil 2023), the mission is clear - bold big room techno peppered with elements designed to sweep the floor with energy! A run of sureshot peak-time releases on label heavyweight 1605 have helped Mha Iri storm the charts to become a firm feature inside the Top 5 best-selling female techno artists on Beatport in 2022. Her debut release on Drumcode ‘Never Go Back to Sleep’, hand-picked by Adam Beyer himself for their Drumcode Presents: Elevate compilation, jumped to #4 in the Beatport Techno Charts and remained in the Top 10 for over 2 months becoming one of the biggest sellers for the leading label during 2023 so far. Catching the attention of Reinier Zonneveld, Mha Iri’s track ‘Good Energy’ was featured on Filth on Acid's 'Stamp Collection Vol.3' in May 2023 and #4 in Beatport’s Hard Techno Charts, thereby the best-performing track of the compilation. Her FOA solo EP ‘Bam Bam Bam’ in June followed suit, with all 3 tracks making it into the Top 10 Hard Techno Charts after only 7 days, and ‘Bam Bam Bam’ shooting up to #1.

Driven by a desire to work the European circuit, Mha Iri relocated to Edinburgh in 2021. Her production profile enabled promoters across Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Scandinavia, Portugal, UK and beyond to bring her to their cities. Thus, Mha Iri has whet her appetite for nothing less than the techno tour life, and as the success of her EPs have proven, the stars have aligned for this talented techno traveler. 2023 will shine bright wherever she spins.

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