15 Oct 2019

What to expect during ADE at Lone Romantic

Maceo Plex has set out to mine the depths and diversity of techno in 2019 with this provocative and thoughtful line-up on Saturday 19th October. Under his forward thinking and sometime experimental label brand Lone Romantics, the Dallas strongman has created a platform that allows his invited selectors to set their own pace and style without restriction.

The show kicks off at 9am on Saturday, so only the real music people need apply! Welcoming underground music fans in the main room are a triple header of premier league selectors who will set the scene for the late night ravers and early morning fresh starters: Ben UFO, Young Marco and Joy Orbison will take full advantage of all frequencies to keep the body moving regardless of whether it’s been dancing for days or straight out of bed. Each will programme sets that’ll likely surprise and entertain which is how to engage the after-hours crowd. Whilst over in the second stage, after a staggered start the party takes a sideways twist when Maceo Plex’s alter ego Mariel Ito opens a new page to set the scene for an alternative soundtrack to room one. Expect broken beats and science fiction sound effects to build into a seamless handover for the double header of electro legends Anthony Rother and The Hacker as the tempo rises and the robotic funk pushes forward through the day…
Brame & Hamo are Maceo Plex’s tip for the crossover in 2020 with one of the biggest ever releases on his Ellum label about to drop soon. They will help to gently pivot the music mid way through Saturday allowing Maceo Plex a clear path to roll out three hours of his trademark high-tech music. Perhaps a set more in tune with his recent performance at Panorama Bar than main stage Awakenings Festival, we can be certain that our host will deliver the broadest selection with a musical journey ticking off all touch points to please the dedicated party animals.
As Maceo slams in some of the biggest moments in techno, Dekmantel favourite and Den Hague scene legend I-F will be providing a deeper journey powered by a passion that has spanned well over two decades. Then flying in from his show at Panorama Bar the night before, Legowelt will be set up to deliver a show-stopping live finale on the second stage. Another hero of electronic music, Robert Hood, takes over from Maceo Plex to close the party out. In a day packed with legends it’s fitting that one of the most sophisticated operators in our world delivers the finishing set as the day turns to night and batteries are fully charged up for whatever the rest of the weekend has to hold!

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Maceo Plex @ Awakenings Festival 2019

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Maceo Plex @ Awakenings NYE 2018