Saturday January 28 2023 - Sunday January 29 2023 Sold out

Awakenings Eindhoven By Day

14:00 - 22:00 at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
Sold out

About the venue

Klokgebouw is our location in Eindhoven. The South of Holland.
The oldest building was created by Philips in 1922. Other surrounding buildings were build between 1927 and 1930. These buildings were used to manufacture radio's and after World War 2 also televisions were assembled here.Klokgebouw was build in 1928 and used as a watertower. Huge clocks were used to hide the huge bassins. That's why the name Klokgebouw.
This unique building with its industrial look & feel is exactly what Awakenings wants to express!


What are the rules and regulations of the Klokgebouw?
  • Bring your happy face.
  • Please turn up the brightness of the screen on your phone and download your e-ticket for faster access to the party.
  • Age 18+ (don't forget your ID).
  • Always follow the instructions of staff, security and emergency services personnel.
  • Before entering, our crew or security can ask for your identification to check your name and age.
  • Always respect other visitors, no (sexual) harassment will be tolerated.
  • No fireworks/weapons/sharp or dangerous objects are allowed.
  • No drugs are allowed, so all pills, powders, liquids, mushrooms, hash, weed and N20 (nitrous oxide/laughing gas) are forbidden.
  • Security will thoroughly search everybody before entering the event.
  • When hard drugs are found you will be removed from the event and you might be handed over to the police.
  • You're not allowed to bring your own drinks/foods/beverages.
  • Store your bags and jackets in our lockers.
  • Camera surveillance is part of our and your safety.
  • No professional photo/film/video/audio equipment nor "selfie-sticks" are allowed.
  • Standard digital cameras are allowed.
  • No football shirts or shirts with offending lyrics/symbols/etc. are allowed.
  • Please keep your shirt on at our events.
  • No large flags / inflatables obstructing view.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the smoking areas, follow the "smoking signs".
  • We have the right to refuse admittance without restitution of entrance fees.
  • Access is at your own risk.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or if you want ear protection, please go to our first aid/EHBO/EMS, they are your friends.
  • No entrance after 02.00 and no re-entrance after leaving the party!
How does the deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles work?
During our events we will be working with a deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles we give out at the bars.
We would like to collect as many as possible, to make sure they can be recycled!

This is how it works:
1. At the entrance, after scanning your ticket, you’ll receive 1 free recycle token from us.
2. With each drink you order, you hand in your recycle token or an empty cup, can or bottle.
3. When you’re leaving the venue or you don’t want to have a new drink, you can hand in your empty cup / can or bottle at the bar or at one of the other recycle points. The bar staff will give you your recycle token in return.
4. There is an unique code on the recycle token, after the show you can go to out website and fill out the code, then you have a chance of winning prizes!

On this page you can fill out the code of your recycle token.
Till what time can I enter the Klokgebouw?
by DAY: No entrance after 20:00

by NIGHT: No entrance after 02.00

No re-entrance after leaving the event.
What is the best way to travel to the Klokgebouw?
Public Transport
Use public transport! At the beginning of the event the trains will stop in front of the Klokgebouw at the train station Eindhoven Strijp-S.

IMPORTANT: There will be no night trains! First train will leave at 06:24 AM from Strijp-S to Eindhoven Central Station.

Look for current departure times on 9292 or NS or use the NS planner application (Android / iOs) or the 9292 application (Android / iOs).

You can rent an OV-fiets at Eindhoven Central Station. It is obligatory to have an OV-chipkaart, with this card you can get a season ticket which you can use for renting a bike. For more information visit the website of NS.

Follow the signs "Strijp-S" and set 'Stoomstraat' in your navigation system to get near the parking area.

Another parking option is the Kastanjelaan.

If you travel with a rented bus, please email to for instructions.

There will be a special taxi stand near the Klokgebouw, just follow the signs to get there (de Machinekamer).

Uber and other pre ordered taxi’s
Travel easily, fast and comfortable with Uber to your next destination, you will find your driver at the pick up point near the Achtseweg Zuid. Please follow the pre-booked taxi signs.
Can I buy tickets at the entrance?
If the event is sold out, it is not possible to buy tickets at the venue. Please check Ticketswap to see if there are any tickets offered.
I lost my ticket, what should I do?
Please try to search for 'Paylogic' in your inbox and also check your spam folder.
If this doesn't get you any results, please go to, so we can resend your ticket(s) and/or confirmation e-mail to your mail address.
Will there be lockers available and what are the measurements?
Yes, there will be lockers available during our events. You can buy your locker ticket online before the event. You will receive (48 hours before the event) an e-ticket with your own locker number and a secret code, so this will avoid waiting at the locker desk.

The locker measurements are:
Standard: H22 * B25 * D50 cm
Large: H36 * B25 * D50 cm