Keep the planet Awake!

We love to dance together on our beautiful planet for many more years. We are well aware of our environmental impact and we intend to make our festivals as sustainable as possible. We welcome more than 190.000 visitors each year, coming from more than 80 different countries. We are reaching a young and diverse audience which we hope to inspire to make conscious choices.


Did you know, that by eating no meat for 1 day a week, you can already save 100 kilo of CO2 emission? At our indoor events, we offer a 100% vegetarian menu. At the festivals, we have 95% vegetarian, with only biological meat fort he other 5%. With Awakenings festival alone we already save 148.000 liters of water by doing this.


We work with a deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles. At the entrance our visitors receive a free recycle token which they can use at the bar when ordering drinks. All empty cups / cans / bottles are returned to the bar for a new drink or recycle token. Doing this, we make sure that all that is collected is clean and is being sorted in the right container.


We intend to create as little waste as possible and ask our partners to do the same. Backstage we sort all different waste in seperate containers; PET / Can / Cap / Paper / Glass / Organic / Plastic / Wood. This way, all waste can be recycled. Our PET can be used to make new cups and bottles, making it a circular system. Our tokens are being melted, so they can make new tokens and all our food waste and food composables are being composted. 95% of signing is being used on all our events year-round.


We always works with a smart energy plan, maximizing the consumption of energy from the power grid and other renewable sources. For the complete building periode of our festivals, we only make use of batteries. In the past 2 years our diesel consumption is decreased with 38%.


We ask our fans to come to our events by bike or public transportation, which 90% does! Our crew is using bikes and electrical cars wherever they can and we ask our suppliers as well to carpool and use bio diesel.


For over 19 years, National Park Spaarnwoude is the host of Awakenings Festival. Together with it's residents, we discuss what is needed in the area. Each year, we invest in different parts of the park, to make it thrive at it's best!


For each event, we choose a different social charity to support. We have a mandatory guestlist donation for all our guests.

Our Awakenings recycle system

During all our Awakenings events we are working with a deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles we give out at the bars. We would like to collect as many as possible, to make sure they can be recycled!
  1. At the entrance, after scanning your ticket, you’ll receive 1 FREE recycle token from us.
  2. With each drink you order, you hand in your recycle token or an empty cup, can or bottle.
  3. Lost your recycle token and/or your cup, can, bottle? Then you have to pay 1 regular token.
  4. When you’re leaving the venue or you don’t want to have a new drink, you can hand in your empty cup, can or bottle at the bar or at one of the other recycle points on the festival grounds. The bar staff will give you your recycle token in return.
  5. There is a unique code on the recycle token, after the festival you can go to our website and fill out the code, then you have a chance of winning prizes!

Never give up on your cup