Sunday August 25 2019 - Sunday August 25 2019

Drumcode Festival 2019 - Sunday Adam Beyer & Awakenings

13:00 - 23:00 at NDSM, Amsterdam
Red Stage
Blue Stage
Purple Stage

Aftermovie Drumcode Festival 2018

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What is the minimum age to get in?
At all our events, you have to be 18+.
We will check your ID at the entrance.
How does the deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles work?
During our events we will be working with a deposit system on all cups, cans and bottles we give out at the bars.
We would like to collect as many as possible, to make sure they can be recycled!

This is how it works:
1. At the entrance, after scanning your ticket, you’ll receive 1 free recycle token from us.
2. With each drink you order, you hand in your recycle token or an empty cup, can or bottle.
3. When you’re leaving the venue or you don’t want to have a new drink, you can hand in your empty cup / can or bottle at the bar or at one of the other recycle points. The bar staff will give you your recycle token in return.
4. There is an unique code on the recycle token, after the show you can go to out website and fill out the code, then you have a chance of winning prizes!

On this page you can fill out the code of your recycle token.
From which websites can I buy tickets?
Only buy your tickets at our official sales channel: the Awakenings website. This way you will never pay too much and you make sure your tickets are real.
In case the event is sold out, please check:

When a ticket is sold through Ticketswap, the ‘old’ ticket gets canceled and a new ticket is going to the new owner. The old ticket is not valid anymore and the seller is not able to put the ticket on Ticketswap again.

This is the ONLY official website to buy tickets when the event is sold out.
All tickets will be scanned and checked for authenticity at the entrance.
I lost my ticket, what should I do?
Please try to search for 'Paylogic' in your inbox and also check your spam folder.
If this doesn't get you any results, please go to, so we can resend your ticket(s) and/or confirmation e-mail to your mail address.
Drumcode Festival