15 Aug 2019

Read all about their first Awakenings experience

Joyhauser has developed a notorious reputation all over Belgium; holding up an impressive arsenal of beats with captivating and melancholic strings: A raw techno mixed with epic harmonies.

It was their first time playing at an Awakenings event. "A dream come true, playing at the best techno festival of the world". Listen to their set below and make sure to catch them on our upcoming event: Drumcode Festival on Sunday the 25th of August.

Joyhauser about their first time at Awakenings Festival

Awakenings festival 2019 was our first time playing at an Awakenings event. For us it was like a dream coming true, to play at the best techno festival in the world. Last year was quite a breakthrough year for us: Galaxy Phase was a big hit and we released our first EP on Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M, which did even better in the charts.

We think the key of that success was working hard on finding a sound that was identifiable and perfectly matching with our style of music in DJ sets. It took us quite a while to perfect that, but we notice now that people all over the world know our music. Playing your own music in all of these different countries for all these different people really is an enriching experience. Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our agent Ugur Akkus, Monika Kruse and our dear friend Amelie Lens; who all believed in us from day one.

Last year was the first year we decided to play a special DJ set, consisting of only Joyhauser tracks. This took place at the Boiler Room stage of Pukkelpop, a festival we’ve been visiting for over 15 years now and is really close to our heart. We had so much fun that we decided to make it a tradition, but only once a year at a festival, in a club or a venue that has a strong meaning to us. This year we chose Awakenings.

About their music

We noticed that playing our own tracks during our DJ sets always brought a certain vibe to the dance floor. It is as if people immediately recognize our sound. Constructing a set with only your own tracks gives you the chance to showcase a different aspect of your sound. We get to play tracks that we normally wouldn’t be able to play (and some of them will probably never be released). It also opens your mind in the studio and helps you to think outside of the box. You actually learn a lot from it and it sparks your creativity for future purposes. We’re thinking of composing a Joyhauser album in the near future and probably will also take the next step to a full on Joyhauser live set.

Our first Awakenings experience was awesome! It felt unreal to see Area Z totally filling up in just a matter of minutes. As an opening act you can only dream of such a success. We’re really thankful for this opportunity and are still buzzing from all the great memories. Thank you Awakenings! We hope to see you at Drumcode Festival the 25th of August!

The sounds

Listen to Joyhauser's exclusive set for specially created for Awakenings Festival 2019!