Saturday August 24 2019

Drumcode Festival 2019 Weekender


We are extremely happy to announce that Drumcode Festival will turn into a weekend event in August!

In addition to founder and headliner Adam Beyer, Drumcode Festival will welcome some of the biggest international artists and upcoming acts in the modern techno scene, including a host of Drumcode favorites.

More names for Sunday will be announced soon!

The lineup of Drumcode Festival 2019

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Adam Beyer @ Drumcode Festival 2018

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Drumcode Festival, Amsterdam

"The annual highlight of the drumcode year and the biggest get-together off the drumcode family at the fantastic industrial NDSM-dockyard in Amsterdam. Experience the amazing festival vibe together and be part of our techno family!"

Bart Skils

"I can’t wait for Drumcode festival, the label helped to shape the history of techno, and the festival is a culmination of that role. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it and to have such a natural and fast growing relationship with the Drumcode family!"


"It's amazing to see our label have its own festival. What an honor it was to open the first one and I can't wait for round 2. Amsterdam is my second home and there isn't a better place to celebrate Drumcode."

Layton Giordani

“I'm really excited to be making my debut playing with the Drumcode crew at their festival. It is a great honour to be surrounded by all these great artists which are huge part of the techno scene. Can't wait!”



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