29 Jan 2020

The festival sold out in less than 24 hours

Wow wow wow. Awakenings Festival 2020 is completely sold out.
We're absolutely stoked to celebrate our 20th anniversary and deeply honoured by your significance. Thank you for your dedication, trust and love.
We expected a run on tickets, so we had to introduce a max 2 tickets registration system. For everyone with a ticket, see you at the festival. For everyone without a ticket thank you for getting in line and we hope to see you anytime soon.
Stay Awake

Line-up release livestream with Reinier Zonneveld (live) at the canals of Amsterdam

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Reinier Zonneveld at the canals of Amsterdam boat techno sail release Awakenings Festival

Listen to Reinier's set on Soundcloud

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Awakenings Festival 2020 lineup release - Reinier Zonneveld (Live)

The full lineup of Awakenings Festival is here!

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Awakenings Festival techno Amsterdam lineup