Saturday May 18 2024 - Sunday May 19 2024

Awakenings Upclose 2024

12:00 - 23:00 at Houtrak (Spaarnwoude-park)

Techno's heavy weights

Experience the essence of techno. The seasoned giants of our scene, blending Awakenings' classic sounds with experimental flair. Expect sets that are both familiar and daringly different.


Artists known for their progressive and rhythmic techno. It's a journey through deeper realms of sound.

The Harder Grooves

Here, techno accelerates with DJs who master the art of fast and hard beats. It's a celebration of high-speed grooves that push the limits.


These up-and-comers and debut artists are redefining what techno means with their fresh, new takes. Expect innovative sounds that resonate with the essence of the genre.